International Biennial of Contemporary Art Ljubljana,
23 June - 24 September 2000
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Gruppo A12
  established 1993, based in Genova and Milano

empty / ŠUMI, 2000, installation

The group A12 was founded in 1993 mostly on the premise that the different experiences and skills would contribute to the cultural growth of its members. The activities and interests of the group involve architecture, urban planning and contemporary art. In these three fields A12 strives to navigate between architectural competitions, urban planning efforts and promotion of cultural events. But their core interest lies in the transformation of the contemporary town. The joint structure of their work is echoed particularly in the joint theoretical research, but every member has their own individual story to tell. Group A12 also participates with different architects outside the group, and they believe that eclectic ideas and skills are needed in the planning and interpretation of towns. At Manifesta 3 the group was provided with the premises of Šumi Bar for its project. They decided to completely redesign the space which is so replete with collective and individual memories and which for many years was a repository of energy, life and stories. Should the building be torn down sometime in the future, the images, words, loves and hatreds will also disappear. The proposed plan treats Šumi merely as a space, where the moment of its current image is frozen and offered to the town without any kind of interpretation for the town and its visitors. In short it is offered to all those who wish to use and patronise it. The windows were removed; in front of them are the entrance stairs, and everything except the inscription "Chubby was here" was whitewashed. The whitewashing is supposed to be repeated four times during the exhibition. A radio set will also be placed in the space. But the most important bit of information is that Šumi will be opened continuously during the exhibition. People can come and go whenever they please, and do whatever they want.

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