International Biennial of Contemporary Art Ljubljana,
23 June - 24 September 2000
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On the Line of Borderdrome


Viktor Mazin

Syndrome… The notion starts movement: dromos in Greek is run; syn-dromos – run together. With whom?
With one selves. This course is not only about to cross borders but simultaneously to create them. Thus, there is already border in syndrome, a period connecting different symptoms, perceptible border-points. Every border point on the way should prove just one but vital thing: this is me, this is mine, this is an I.
Perceptible dromos introduces time. Dromomania is everlasting search for a home, it is an endless attempt to master a proficient home, to establish a border between inside and outside, to reconstruct walls, to find a certain self.
Where am I on the run?
Where am "I" without a border walls? without an idea of borderlines? lines of the border? periods of time?
The first border is the last one. Behind it there is no subject. Behind it there is no-one to say "me". There, in a distance, appears "me": "me" which is always already somewhere else.
The "me"-story begins, as it is well known, at the times when the image of someone, the mirror-image, there, in front, is recognised as "me". Once and again a line, a border between image and background is becoming visible as "me".
Hey me, at the border!
Eyes interject the moving exterior "me-image" inside, create and recreate inside/outside border, the floating, transgressive me-border. "Videodrome" becomes narcissistic ideodrome. Ideas and ideals come back from the spectacular image.
This gleaming me-border is happens to be an aesthetic one, the one which one likes or dislikes, recognises and doesn't recognise, dissolves and recreates while seeing border-surfaces of screens, faces, bodies, pictures, buildings, walls, shields, images…
Every borderline is my syndrome.

St.Petersburg, 31.12.1999

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