International Biennial of Contemporary Art Ljubljana,
23 June - 24 September 2000
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Cankarjev Dom
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Šejla Kamerić
  *1976, lives in Sarajevo

EU / OTHERS, 2000, outdoor intervention

"Thinking about the concept of Manifesta 3 and about myself as an artist coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina", says Šejla Kameria, "I immediately knew what the issue was I wanted to focus on. As a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina I can freely (visa free) enter just a few countries in the world. When I wish to enter Slovenia I need a visa, which I can get only if I am on a business trip or if a friend invites me for a visit. At the Slovene border I enter Slovenia through the entrance with the sign "others". When Slovenes travel to other European countries they are also using the "others" entrance at the border crossings. Who are those "others"? What am I doing at the European Biennial of Contemporary Art (in Ljubljana??) as an 'other'? Borders are not just in our heads, they are facts." Šejla Kameria chose Tromostovje (the Three Bridges) in the center of town for her intervention. The signs for the European Union (EU) and "others" will be put on the bridges. In this way, casual passersby who cross the bridges will be in the same situation as those who are crossing real national borders. Both will be divided into those who belong to the EU and those who are "others". To underline the paradox even more, there will be different signs on different sides of the bridge, so coming from different directions one will be a "member" of the EU or an "other". The reality that the artist is facing (together with many other "others") will be moved from the border to the center of Ljubljana. "Free world, Europe without borders …" Šejla Kameria asks: "Is the border the place where we should find out who we really are? Do the Slovenes (pedestrians) know who they are?"

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