Evropski bienale sodobne umetnosti Ljubljana,
23 Junij - 24 September 2000
Novice arhiv
Micro Talks
Cankarjev Dom
M1 & M2

The third edition of the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Manifesta, will take place in the summer of 2000 (23 Junij to 24 September) in Ljubljana.

Manifesta is a growing network for young professionals and an exhibition held every two years in a different city in Europe. Both the network and an exhibition are equally important components of this nomadic event.

Manifesta offers a platform for emerging Umetniki, on the basis of a networking organisation which is able to respond flexibly to the artistic and cultural developments.

The most obvious aspect of Manifesta's inbuilt flexibility is the fact that a fresh concept is developed on each occasion, by the team of outside Kustosi, working in close consultation with representatives of the host city. In other words, each new edition aims to establish a close dialogue between a specific cultural and artistic situation and the broader context of Evropski contemporary art. At the same time, however, Manifesta provides continuity through its ever-expanding network of Kontaktis.

The Kustosi of Manifesta 3 are Francesco Bonami (Chicago - New York), Ole Bouman (Rotterdam) Mária Hlavajová (Bratislava / Amsterdam) and Kathrin Rhomberg (Vienna).

Manifesta 3 is a project of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana and takes place under the Evropski Fundacija Manifesta, registered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It will be produced by Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana's major Cultural and Congress Centre. The project will be co-ordinated by Igor Zabel, Senior Curator at the Moderna galerija - Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, and managed by Teja Alič, Project Manager at Cankarjev dom.

Main sponsor of Manifesta 3 is Mobitel, national operator of NMT and GSM.

Kontakti Naslov: Manifesta 3, Cankarjev dom, Prešernova 10, SLO-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
phone: (+386 61) 1767143, 210956, fax: (+386 61) 217431
e-mail: manifesta@cd-cc.si

Naslov: Manifesta 3, Cankarjev Dom, Prešernova 10, SI - 1000 Ljubljana. Slovenia
phone: (+386 61) 1767143, 210956 fax: (+386 61) 217431 e-mail: manifesta@cd-cc.si